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Are you looking for new growing markets?

Talking number of consumers, Romania is the second largest Eastern and Central European market.
Why aren’t you there?

Are you looking for qualified low cost sourcing?

Your responsibility as an Entrepreneur is to chase down cost. West Romania can help you, with highly qualified, low cost human resources.

Business opportunities

Are you looking for the right West Romanian supplier or distributor for your products? We have short-listed them in various industries,  and checked personally their appetite for a cross-boarder relationship. Click for Sourcing Business Opportunities or for Distribution Business Opportunities.


Do you need more trust? Our clients confirm our capabilities.

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About Us

What we do

  • Low cost screening of your project,
  • Decision-oriented specific information,
  • Search for your business partners in Romania,
  • Long term strategic alliances and joint-ventures
  • European Union financing

Who we are

We are a structured group of independent entrepreneurs with a complementary advising expertise mostly located in Romania.

How we work

  • Ask for support with no commitment;
  • Internet web is a marketing tool, not a working method;
  • Your time is precious;
  • We are entrepreneurs committed to quality.

Case studies

Experience is a must for business advisors. Please see a sample of what we shall achieve for you.

Connection with SOWACCESS and the IIB

One of our Members is Authorised Business Partner SOWACCESS (intermediation for Business transfers) and an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (practical business advice for SMEs).


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  • What makes you different from other consultants?
  • How do you operate
  • What is your cost?
  • Is the SME world your centre of interest?